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ASMR Rooms

What is an ASMR room, you ask? ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.

Now, what is an ASMR room? An ASMR room is a video which can be found on Youtube that focuses on relaxing sounds and aesthetic that will sooth, and calm you. Sounds like fire cackling, pages turning, rain, thunderstorms, etc ease your mind and allow you to feel relaxed and cozy. Now, have that ASMR room playing while you’re reading? You’ll have reached maximum coziness for your reading pleasure.

Below are some of my favourite ASMR rooms that I listen to at night while I’m reading! A majority of them are Harry Potter themed (duh!), but others are library themed! I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do!

Hufflepuff Common Room ASMR by Magical Ambience & ASMR Worlds

Ancient Library Room – Relaxing Thunder & Rain Sounds, Crackling Fireplace by New Bliss

Three Broomsticks Inn Hogsmeade Ambience by ASMR Rooms

Diagon Alley Ambience (Snow) by ASMR Rooms

Christmas at Hogwarts by ASMR Rooms

Renanissance Autumn Village by Autumn Cozy

Recently, I have loved having ASMR rooms that incorporate soft, jazz music! It kind of makes reading feel like I am sitting in a coffee shop listening to the rain fall! Here are some of my favourites!

Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Calmed By Nature

Rainy Day Coffee Shop by Autumn Cozy