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Hi book friends! Are you looking to read any of my book recommendations? Well, I have an Amazon Affiliate shop! I have posted all my favourite/recommended books in my shop which you can purchase through my link! It is no extra cost to you, but using my link to purchase books helps support my blog! At this time, my Amazon store is only available for Canadians. I am hoping to get it available for the United States and other countries as well!

Take a look below at my Amazon shop!

The ABC Market

One of my favourite bookish shops, is The ABC Market! It’s run by my friend Allison – who puts so much thought and care into her products. Some of my favourite products from her shop are her wooden bookmarks, her bookish themed candles & sweaters! Use the code READWITHSAM for 15% off any order between now, and December 31st 2020! Check out her shop!

Scribd for Audiobooks!

Do you listen to audiobooks? They are my favourite thing to listen to when I am out for a walk, cleaning, taking a trip, anything! I use Scribd for audiobooks, and I absolutely LOVE them! This is a different kind of subscription service than other audiobook apps. Rather than paying for each book individually, Scribd is $8.99 CAD/month and you have access to TONS of audiobooks and ebooks – even new releases!

If you are wanting to try Scribd, I actually have a 30 day free trial for you via this link ->

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Are you looking for some comfy, adorable bookish related t-shirts? I have two amazing shirts from Bookshelf Tees! They are comfortable and BOOKISH! You can use the code READWITHSAM for 20% off your order!