Spark Joy Readathon

What is the Spark Joy Readathon?

The #sparkjoyreadathon will be back this September 2020! Follow my instagram @readwithsam to join!

The Spark Joy Readathon started on May 1st, 2020. I created this readathon in the midst of the global pandemic, to ease our anxieties and stresses of everyday life. So, what better way is there than to read books that will fill us with joy at the start of summer?!

The readathon is primarily hosted on Instagram, at @readwithsam, but anybody can join! I posted a list of prompts that you can choose from to build your “TBR” list. TBR stands for “to be read”. Your list will contain books that you chose from the prompts that you’ll be reading for the month of May! You pick 1 prompt, 2, 5, or all of them! This readathon is meant to spark joy, not stress! There were also giveaways for bookmarks and a book of your choice!

I’ll be hosting the #sparkjoyreadathon again but this time, in September 2020! Same concept, but this time it will be fall themed – so imagine all things cozy! Tea, coffee, warm colours, pumpkins, etc. I hope you will join us!

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